Trendy Tags For Bags

Article written by les métiers de la mer

Losing your luggage at the airport would ruin your perfect vacation. Just when you thought that nothing would go wrong, and what is more, you had already attached your name and address to that perfect bag you bought especially for the trip. Yes, someone could return your bag within 24 hours but it won’t arrive in your hotel room in Ibiza, it will instead arrive at your apartment. What you should have really done was take safety precautions in making sure your bag will not end up in a mix up at the airport.

There will always be trouble when you try to find your luggage at a very busy airport, never mind identifying one. Most bag tags are completely unreliable when it comes to crucial times like this, so what you really need is a tag that is uniquely yours. Not only can you travel in style, you won’t have to worry about losing your belongings anymore.

Personalized tags come in different shapes and sizes. Want to match it to your likings? Get one in your favorite color or the color that is a contrast to your bag. These tags are fun too; this is because they come in larger sizes with sports related motifs like football, golf and soccer to name a few. These bag tags are made from fiberglass and are usually attached with a split ring. The two sided clear pockets are handy too. On one side, you can fill in with you details while on the other, you can write your destination so that if you really had lost your bag, it would come to you, not end up at home waiting for you to return after a week. Fix your bag with a matching strap; this makes it noticeable when you try to look for yours when you see two or three bags similar to yours.

If you are in sport team of your college or high school and would like to be exclusive in creating an image for your team, you can have personalized tags for all your players. Instead of only imprinting your soccer team logo or school logo, now you can even put your team photo on the tags and have their names on the other side of the tags. As it usually comes in variety of colors and designs, it would certainly look cool and chic to have these one-of-a-kind tags dangling from your knapsack.

Whether it is for your traveling bag or to show a sense of camaraderie between your sport teammate, a personalized bag tag will definitely give you a sense of uniqueness. What makes it irresistible is the fact that you can order the cute little tags online. That way, you won’t have to waste your time browsing through one shop after another. With just a click of the mouse, you can have your desired tag in no time.






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