The World Cup Of Football

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Many people, including myself are starting to look forward to the world cup of football. The question many people are asking is who is likely to win the tournament? In this article, I give my own viewpoint on this subject and discuss some of the likely contenders (teams) who could win.

The world cup finals are being held in Germany and it promises to be a very exciting and entertaining event. The tournament which only takes place every four years is in my opinion the biggest sporting event which takes place. It means everything to all of the players taking part as well as to the supporters.

Potential winners of the football world cup


The hosts Germany are always a big threat in the world cup and have an outstanding record in the tournament. The team seems to peak at just the right time and as they are playing on home soil, they must have a great chance. I personally believe though that Germany will be knocked out in the quarter finals. I think that their best player is Micheal Ballack.


The French team have had an outstanding decade and still boast some of the best players in the world. Players like Henry can turn a game in an instant and he is just one of a few I could mention.

France should do well but I do not believe have enough to win the tournament.


I must say that Holland are one team which I love to watch playing football. They approach the game in the right way and their supporters make it a very colourful occasion.

Despite having many top players, Holland always seem to flatter to deceive and this could well be the case this year.

If my home team of England does not win the world cup, I would love to see the Dutch lift the trophy.


Spain in a way are very much like Holland in that they always seem to fall short despite having many superb players.

On their day the Spanish team can beat the best in the world and should come close this year.

I personally believe that Spain will be knocked out in a penalty shoot out, this is what normally happens to them.


After just failing to win the European football championship, Portugal with their Brazilian manager Scolari will be hoping to go one better in the world cup. It came as quite a shock when Greece beat them in the Final two years ago and this defeat might play on their minds when the pressure is on.


Being from England myself, I am obviously hoping that my home nation can lift the trophy for the first time since 1966.

England certainly have enough talent in the team but something always seems to go wrong.

Wayne Rooney has the potential of being the best player at the world cup and if he can stay fit, England will have a great chance.

I personally believe that the English will be eliminated in the semi-finals.


The Italians have a number of superb footballers but my only concern for them is that they do not always play as a team.

I believe that they should have won a lot more tournaments over the last twenty years and I do not think that they will win this year either.


Brazil are by far and away the best team in the tournament. This is my tip for the team which should win the Fifa world cup.

To win the tournament you require something a little bit special and Brazil certainly have that.

The only way I can see them not winning is if they have a bad run of injuries or a series of red cards. Both of these are highly unlikely.

I hope you all enjoy watching the world cup as much as I will, so lets sit back and enjoy this summer of football.






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