Youth soccer gear: basic needs

soccergarage3Written by Soccer Garage

Youth soccer can be an affordable sport and one that has become popular among both sexes. Here is a basic list of what you may need to begin training;

Soccer cleats- These are soccer boots and are similar to baseball or softball cleats, with the soccer cleats being shorter and made with more rubber. Most often coaches will not ask your child to buy a pair of cleats until they are nine years old, till then a pair of athletic shoes will do just fine. Just make sure the shoes you give your child fits them properly and has sufficient support. Remember not to tie your child’s laces around their ankles, to avoid injury.

Shin Guards – Shin guards are a must, as soccer is a contact sport.

Water bottle – A simple sports bottle which holds at least 850ml – 1L of water will help hydrate your child. Make sure your child’s water bottle is personalized so that he or she can identify it clearly. Remind your child that they should drink water before their soccer warm up, during and after training.

Uniform – Team shirts are generally offered for free and are included in the registration fee.

Socks– Buy soccer socks that cover your child’s shin guards. Ask your coach to check on what color they prefer.

Soccer T-shirts and shorts – Look for basic cotton t-shirts in dark colors, as these will be used for practice and will get stained. Shorts should be long enough to comfortably play the game.


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